Do you want to write?

Hi there, this is Mélanie and Sylvain! It’s new for us, but we are thinking about opening our travel and photography blog to other people. Indeed, the blog growing little by little, we had the idea of being able to give the pen (well, the keyboard) to other people interested to try the experience of writing something more and more relevant!

Why writing on our travel and photography blog?

About the travel part of the blog

It started from a simple observation: when you travel, you can’t “see and do everything”. It is even more true as we personally chose to travel slowly! We assume that we are writing to inspire people to go and discover regions of the world and to help them take the plunge. We also write to give practical advice on many aspects of travel.

We recently came back from a month-long trip to New Zealand’s South Island, and we simply said to ourselves “we won’t be able to write an article about Wanaka or Queenstown, we didn’t spend enough time there”. It’s a pity, will you say? No, actually, it’s not a big deal at all. However, we find it quite relevant that someone who is looking for information about New Zealand can be able to find it here, hence the idea to let the writing to someone who knows the places and who can tell us about his own experience and good plans. In the end, even if our blog has our personal touch, everything you will read is subjective to our point of view.

And what about photography?

Concerning photography, it’s a bit different, even if in our mind we can do the same comparisons. We’ve been two passionate photographers for almost 10 years now. We master the gear, its use, our choices, our photographic practice, etc. However, there are still subjects that we do not master, both from a technical point of view and advice.

For example, we can’t advise people how to shoot in cold regions, to shoot an aurora borealis or underwater. In short, subjects on which we are not yet comfortable enough and for which the experience of someone who masters them will be much more relevant!

Who is it for?

Let me reassure you right away, you don’t have to be an author to write on our travel/photography blog. Generally speaking, we can accept a wide range of profiles: travel or photography bloggers, travelers or photographers who simply want to share their experience and advice, expatriates living abroad who want to tell us about their daily life, etc. We are looking for authenticity, advice or experience that you have personally lived and that could really bring a plus to our blog!

A little side note for companies, agencies and others who might come across this way!

For commercial articles, we have already written some ourselves when brands or services did contact us directly. For example, we accepted to write (for a fee) about Skyscanner since we have been using their service for a long time now. However, we only write this type of article about trips or products that we have personally tested. So please don’t contact us to propose an article about a product we don’t even know or a service we haven’t tested!

What should I write about?

As this is a travel and photography blog, these are the main topics that can be addressed widely: travel stories, discovery of a city, an island or a region, practical advice, interviews, personal experience, sharing experience on photography in particular conditions, etc.

The idea being to write in the same spirit as the blog, we invite you to have a look at it first!

What are the conditions?

We are looking for personal experience and articles that get to the bottom of things. We don’t want articles skimming over the subject matter! The following are the requirements (to be agreed upon beforehand by email):

  • Length of the article: 1500 to 2000 words (at least), ideally more (you can let yourself go without worries here!),
  • The article must be original and unique. We will check it anyway!
  • Experience in SEO would be greatly appreciated,
  • Quality pictures must be included in the article (this is important to us!). The number of pictures will vary depending on the length of the article, but a minimum of 5 to 7 pictures is often necessary,
  • Give us a small bio of you in a few lines with the link of your possible website. We will add a link to your blog and (if appropriate) to your social networks,
  • The article will be published on our blog and shared on our social networks. You must be able to respond to comments on the article if there are any!

We reserve (with your agreement) the possibility to modify/adjust slightly the article to improve its ranking on Google (one of our priorities on our blog). Of course, it is possible that we do not follow up.

Contact us for more info

In short, if you like the idea and you are motivated, you can send us an email via the contact form below with:

  • A small presentation of you,
  • The idea of the article you have in mind (subject, angle of attack, detailed plan, etc.),
  • Why you think it would fit on our blog (make us want to!)
  • Examples of your writing on other blogs,
  • The link to your website (if you have one!)

So, interested? Any questions? It’s right below!

Contact us

Oh yes, I almost forgot but we can pay you a fee (to be discussed together for now), depending on the subject, your writings, etc.

So, see you soon then?

Mélanie & Sylvain