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After a recent survey conducted together, many of you were considering supporting our blog (and we thank you for that), even if you didn’t know it was possible, or how to do it! Well, we tell you everything, no taboo on this page.

As we repeat in our review articles, we decided to remain the most independent possible in our writings (no sponsored articles, or very few) and not to display any advertisement that would disturb the reading. We really try to put ourselves in the shoes of readers, who are looking for qualitative and honest content based on our own experience. To tell the truth, we get many requests to write sponsored articles about various topics and include ads in it, and it would be quite easy to earn 300, 400, 500$ or more each month thanks to these partnerships… But we said no!

On the other hand, we have quite a few monthly fees related to the blog, to name a few: our hosting, our newsletter, management of the site by our webmaster, use of paid plugins, proofreading of articles, etc.

Thus, we made the choice to use affiliate links with brands (travel and photography). We simply earn small commissions if you go through these links, without the price changing for you of course. It’s quite simple in fact! Finally, you probably don’t realize it but, even if we manage this blog with passion with Melanie, it’s a time-consuming and labor-intensive job.

support our blog
We don't usually appear on our blog, but here we are, the four of us!

So, how can you support us?

1 - Make your purchases through our affiliate links

If you’re used to doing your shopping online, you can do it through our links either to book a hotel, a plane ticket, an activity or to buy camera equipment! In short, when it comes to travel and/or photography, you can help us, without, I repeat, paying a penny more. To avoid coming back to the blog for each of your purchases, you can simply click once on one of the links below and save it in your browser’s favorites for later.

For travelers

You can help us by:

For photographers

For now, you can only support us by buying your camera equipment from Amazon. We’re thinking to propose other websites (like B&H or Adorama) later, but we’re still thinking about it.

2 - Go further: read, share, comment

As we are not talking about financial support only, you can also give us some moral support – and, believe us, we sometimes do need it. Maintaining this blog for 3 years now isn’t always easy, and we need some reminders from time to time! If you like the articles, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment, an email, to share the article around you and to subscribe to our newsletter to know about our latest articles.

Finally, don’t hesitate to join us on our social networks. Even if we don’t spend so much time on it, it’s always nice to see our community growing!


We’re now at the end of our explanations! We hope that we have been clear (if not, you should say it, eh?) and that we made you want to support our blog! Feel free to let us know if you played the game in the comments part, it will make us very happy!

See you soon, and thanks again to every one of you for your support, your kind words and emails, your comments. It pushes us to keep going and make the site grow! Thanks again!


Sylvain, Mel, Louis and Téo (our two little ones)

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