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Many people practice photography during their holidays, weekends or in everyday life. Understanding the basics of photography is essential to begin, progress and make beautiful images. Improving your photography skills by understanding the basic concepts and terms will help you to immortalize your photos. This section of the photo blog explains the basic definitions… soon, the notions of aperture, diaphragm, focal length, will no longer have any secrets for you!

Les bases de la photographie
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Taking photography lessons has become more and more popular lately. With the introduction of low-cost (or almost) DSLR camera, more and more people are starting to take pictures these days. However, we still realize that many people do not bother to look at the technical terms related to photography and remain in automatic mode (everything about semi-automatic modes in photography?). It’s my vision of the world, but it’s difficult to be skilled in landscape photography or fashion photography if you don’t technically have a good knowledge of your camera’s aspects.

I do not think that mastering the terms is absolutely required, but you must be able to understand them and above all, to apply them in the real world. This will determine your ability to progress and make better pictures. How do you want to avoid blurred pictures, for example, if you don’t know the concept of shutter speed? Understanding that a low shutter speed is at the heart of your problem is essential.

How do you want to highlight a subject in your image if you can’t compose, do a shallow depth of field, choose the appropriate focus point for your shot? Yet these are essential elements!

As an amateur photographer, take the time to learn things well, all the photographic language, to do some practical exercises in the field. That’s how you’ll progress.

Good continuation and good learning. Would you like to know more about photography terms?


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